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English School of Phonetics – ESP (An Initiative of MVA Trust) for technical education and to experiment intellectually before specialization in any field. At English School of Phonetics You can pursue a degree across a wide range of subjects in Linguistics, Engineering, Management, Hotel Management, Media and Animation, Computer Application, Mass Communication, Commerce, Pharmacy and Diploma in Engineering. Aside of it you can also pursue the all steps of communications to Interviews to Body language to accent practices of British or American with Phonemic sound practices & detail graphic Knowledge and also preparation of TOFEL (US), IELTS (UK) and CET (Cambridge). You will study with dedicated and talented Educational Coaches in an environment small/large enough to ensure that advice and guidance is always available to you.

Our objective is to create a class of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals. We are committed to provide leadership and support for students and help them in their professional development. In the last decade we had inspired individuals to believe in their ability and become more than what they expected to be. We welcome you to English school of Phonetics and MVA Group of institutions and assure you that your education would be as enterprising experience as you expect.

Need of English school of phonetics

The world around us is witnessing rapid change to which Higher education is no exception. We need to develop Academic programs and curricula that inspire youth to play Leadership role, be innovative and have concern for society.

Educational Development

Not long ago, Education merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught. But today, Education is much more than that.

Personality development

To keep pace with this explosive growth, personality development & skilled Education in the percentage has become a mandate for survival & growth.

Our motto

“ Development is everything ”

Our motto is to organize, Educate and Polish the unskilled talents undergraduates in rural areas of India by providing services upgrading skilled Job Education and Placement to the students in respect of World- wide quality Education and opportunities.

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How we work?

We try the level best to yield qualities or discover the talents with effective group of institutions through educational Researches Procedures, that’s why our talents come in the series of Man to Man Marking and will gain the power to crack a statement.

Our role

The role of English School of Phonetics (ESP) in the field of human resources & developments especially in education & personality researches are of vital importance and in no case it is of less value than major study in Medical & Engineering to promote the yields to increase many folds. At present the market is over flooded with all sorts of competitive Exams & Institutions with enlarge combination of Talents, which is not all suitable for blunt or poor meritorious pupils. In accordance to provide World Wide Web Education for all kinds of students, three facts must be cared by ESP or MVA Group of Institutions.

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Strong global presence with unparalleled learning experience


ESP and its courses are accredited by distinguished organizations


Highly qualified and accomplished teachers


Networking opportunities with our huge alumni

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100% placement guidance and continuous support

18 glorious years of English School of Phonetics

18 glorious years of success

ESP prepared and empowered 1000’s of students to be successful by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to enter or progress within the work force and to adapt and thrives in our increasingly diverse and ever changing world with passion.

English School of Phonetics (ESP) takes pride in celebrating its Annual year of success equitably as well as autonomously. Envisaged in the year 2000 the group stands tall in the education sector over the years. Its gleaming record has been achieved through an obvious dedication to equip Junior 10th standard students to PhD & Professional Candidates with essential skills through exposure to industry and business, which focuses on solving real world problems – Communication first, employment, Namaankan solution and others. This combination enables our candidates to be effective in the workplace immediately upon students and to shine and sparkle in the corporate to industrial world.

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