Advance specific Interview course (ASIC)

Interviews Intro

Introduction of Interviews. Kinds of Interview, Body languages in Interviewee in interview, effective CV, Resume, Bio-data, about yourself, Self Representation, knowledge of yourself, how will you express yourself before Interview. Practical Interview Acquaintance Programme. Interviewer – Interviewee Judgment, Self Question Query Skill.

Situation & IQ Tests

The theme & motive of picture. Your thoughts and views regarding to Picture. Awareness of mind, cautions of body language. Co-relation of picture perception test. Situation tests, IQ test to your Daily or part life and Information telling about you. How to develop memory power, reasoning, Tales and Talks. Puzzle Game vs work efficiency.

Personality Development & Body Language

Introduction to Personality development, Importance, Tips to improve personality development. Dressing and Clothing, Dress Code. And what is Body language? Required Gesture and Posture while Interview. BD: Importance and uses. Body language Coordination while gaining Interview, Our First Intro, 10 sitting Posture, Put up and Put off File, hand sacking, Pranama, Body language of Sitting & Walking. Chair Sliding, Door entry. Over the Interview.

Brush up Interview
  • Aim importance of Interview.
  • The things Before Interview & After Interview
  • Process of Interview & its Discipline.
  • If you are first Interviewer.
  • Problems related to conduct.
  • If you have no experience of Interview & going to face first opportunity.
  • Your body language in Interview, how your body language should be suitable there & how can you make your body language in worse or unfavorable condition most accurate or suitable?
  • Six lessons practice of Interview facing.
  • The main or though standard Question rose in Interviews.
  • The Top 50 Questions Typical Interview Questions.
  • About & knowledge of yourself & How will you express yourself before Interviews.
  • Types of Interviews & Interview knowledge.
  • Talks about your payment & Pay scale.
  • Dress code used in Interview.
  • How will you sale yourself (Don’t sell yourself) Interview Day’s Preparation.
  • Others Knowledge related to Interview.
  • Knowledge of attaining the Interview of long term Interview passing through Lunch, Breakfast.
Types of Job Interview Preparations
  • Sales Interview.
  • Teacher Interview.
  • Call Centre Interview.
  • Police Interview.
  • Executive Interview.
  • Accounting Interview
  • Media Interview.
  • Personal Interview.
  • Conditional Interview (Self Judgment).
  • Interview depends on merits.
  • Interview of Nursing or health care service.
  • Medical college Interview.
  • College Interview, HR Interview, Group Interview.
  • Screening Interview & Tests.
  • Phone Interview & Online Interview.
  • Presentation, Festival, Stage or party Interview.
  • Sales Marketing or PR Interview.
  • Engineering, system job or IT or Administrative Interview.
  • Programme management Interview.
  • Your Bullet proves Resume.
  • E-mail -/ e-mail talks.