English School of Phonetics (ESP) try the level best to yield qualities or discover the talents with effective group of institutions through Educational Researches Procedures, that’s why our talents come in the series of Man to Man Marking and will gain the power to crack a statement.

MVA Provides Associations & Wings to Educational Galaxy to fruit Creative Talents in challenged Pupils updating them with following ESP Associations & Wings.

Diploma in English In Phonetics & Phonology

A one year technical courses at Complete English Language and personality Development required for undergraduates competent to upgrade and polish them for the better language and competitive Skills required while job and working environment.

Advance Specific Interview Courses

A three or one month Training Camp for all sorts of job applicants or fresher to retain their interview and personal qualities forfeited to their upcoming Managed life or achieve job.

Technological Teacher Training

A one year Complete Practical Professional technological teaching Practices or training in government institution for unskilled or semiskilled teachers of any streams.

A Complete
Linguistics Course

A two years Complete Bi-linguistics Courses only for graduates or professional especially a British English and American English based on Complete Phonetics and Phonological detail Studies.

Official Job
KRA Training

A platform to Select, train, polish and upgrade the undergraduates and graduates to highly performable skilled workers and secure job placement with one year complete professional job key responsibility ability training in field and office.