Diploma in English with Phonetics & Phonology (DEPP)

Introduction Class

Introductory & Brief , Outline knowledge of Phonetics & Phonology ,Importance and uses of it , Interview. Body language, Personality development, Importance of time management, Important to pronounce any word correctly. What is English? its importance? English origin, History, Sound tests.

Word Section/Power & Pronunciation

Word Building, Confusable words, Homophones, Homonyms, Paronyms, Synonyms, Antonyms. And rules of pronunciation, How to Pronounce any word stress, Syllable , Accent & Rhythm, Knowledge of Phonetic symbols & ERP:- Pronunciation of common (Daily use) words through software.

Picture Perception Situation & IQ Tests

The theme & motive of picture. Your thoughts and views regarding to Picture. Awareness of mind, cautions of body language. Co-relation of picture perception test. Situation tests, IQ test to your Daily or part life and Information telling about you. How to develop memory power, reasoning Tales and Talks. Puzzle Game vs work efficiency.

Grammar & Social fluent English (Spoken) Communication

Syntax, Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs, Time & Tense, Narration, Question Tag, Nouns, Pronouns, Article and Determiners. And regular spoken (practices visual classes Through competitive GD, Gossip, Conversation, Speech, Encounter Section, Debates, Court classes, hard talks, anchoring and through different mode of communication group tasks on different burning competitive & general topics. 

Phonetics & Phonology

Linguistics, What is language, Type of languages, Phonetic Symbols, ERP , Phonology, Phonemics, Phoneme, IPA, Meaning & use of Symbol, Classification of Phonetics, Articulatory study of Vowels (Monothongs, Diphthongs and Diphthongs), Study of Vowels and Consonants Sounds, Brief study of Experimental Phonetics, Regular Phonetically reading test with tongue Setting on British accent.

Personality Development & Body Language

Introduction to Personality development, Importance, Tips to improve personality development. Dressing and Clothing, Dress Code. And what is Body language? Gesture and Posture. Importance or uses. Body language – origin, History and Development (Brief Study), 10 sitting Posture, 10 Dancing Posture, 10 hand sacking, 5 Sleeping, 10 Pranama, 10 Body language of Sitting & Walking, Daily Habits Errors – Gesture and Postures.


Introduction of Interviews. Kinds of Interview, Body languages in Interviewee in interview effective Curriculum Vitae, Resume, Bio-data about & knowledge of yourself & how will express yourself before Interview. Practical Interview Programme by Experts or Externals.

Official KRA Trainings

Office Management Review, Tasks embellished on Desk, Reporting System, Office Courtesy and Protocol, Office Assistant Work, File Management, Office Order, Requisites, E-mails Management, Company Secretary Info, General office Understandings, Staff mood and Task Flow, Information Hearing and File Collection. Computer Tasking and Multi Tasking Practices, Due work Performance.

Seminars and Conferences

Office Communication for Public Relation, Group Discussion, Employee Group Discussions and Conference programme, Seminars and Conferences (Education, Carrier and Job), Boldness, Skilled Attitude Maintenance, Eye perceptive Talks ability, Passion and suffocation Control, Fear and Exposure Control.

Summer Camps, Trainings and Placement

Field Awareness, Public control, Work Movement, Plan and Project coordination to Public, Job work Practices. Traditional and Network Marketing. Job Placement. Self Control.