Phonetics & Phonemics


  • What is Phonetic & Phonetics? Its definition & meaning in general language with its importance?
  • What is Phonology, its definition & importance in linguistics or in languages?
  • Classification of Phonetics & its branch study.
  • Detail of study Articulatory, Experimental and Acoustic Phonetics.
  • Detail study of Phonemics.
  • Sound Test & Recording on computer, accurate sound setting from special software.
  • Regular Phonetical Reading test with British accent.
  • Listening Classes:- Thoroughly Audio & Video cassettes recommended by BBC (London) CIEFL (Hydrabad), Cambridge University & the British Council (New Delhi)
  • How to surmount the Difficulties of Pronunciation & main Difficulties of Pronunciation.


  • Table of English sounds (Phonetics under RP in India with Ear- Training for these sounds.
  • Knowledge of other Phonetic Symbols of English.
  • Detail & Deep knowledge of Articulatory Phonetics (main branch of Phonetics)
  • The Nature of speech in phonetics & Need for oral Instruction.
  • Types of Pronunciation & the organs of speech.
  • Breath & Voice with Experimental methods of Phonetics.
  • Detail study of Vowels & Consonants.
  • Phonemes, Principles of Transcription, Diaphones.
  • Frictionless continuants, Semi-Vowels, Nasalization.
  • Retroflex sounds, Similitude, Assimilation, Elision.
  • Length of sounds, Relation between Rhythm & length.
  • Mistakes in length made by Foreign Learners.
  • Stress:- word- stress, Sentence –Stress.
  • Breath- groups, Sense –groups , Intonation
  • Syllable separation.
  • Types of Phonetic Transcription.
  • Experimental Phonetics.
  • Acoustic Phonetics.
  • Phonetics.

Group C

Interview classes
  • Aim importance of Interview.
  • The things Before Interview & After Interview
  • Process of Interview & its Discipline. H. First Interview & If you’re first interviewee.
  • Problems related to conduct.
  • If you have no experience of Interview & going to face first opportunity.
  • Your body language in Interview, how your body language should be suitable there & how can you make your body language in worse or unfavorable condition most accurate or suitable?
  • Six lessons practice of Interview facing.
  • The main or though standard Question rose in Interviews.
  • The Top 50 Questions Typical Interview Questions.
  • About & knowledge of yourself & How will you express yourself before Interviews.
  • Types of Interviews & Interview knowledge.
  • Talks about your payment & Pay scale.
  • Dress code used in Interview.
  • How will you sale yourself (Don’t sell yourself) Interview Day’s Preparation.
  • Different types of Interview Preparations:-

                 a. Job Interview

                 b. Sales Interview

                 c. Teacher Interview

                 d. Call Centre Interview e. Police Interview

  • Executive Interview
  • Accounting Interview
  • Media Interview
  • Personal Interview
  • Conditional Interview (Self Judgment)
  • Interview depends on merits.
  • Interview of Nursing or health care service.
  • Medical college Interview
  • College Interview, HR Interview, Group Interview
  • Screening Interview & Tests.
  • Phone Interview & Online Interview.
  • Presentation, Festival, Stage or party Interview.
  • Sales Marketing or PR Interview.
  • Engineering, system job or IT or Administrative Interview.
  • Programme management Interview.
  • Knowledge of attaining the Interview of long term Interview passing through Lunch, Breakfast.
  • Your Bullet proves Resume.
  • Bio-Data. How will you make it?
  • E-mail -/ E-mail talks.
  • Others Knowledge related to Interview.

 Group D

Body languages courses
  • Languages, what is Language, Body language, its Importance, Uses & how it is helpful to make yourself most impressive among all.
  • Body language- original, History and its Development.
  • Is this Body language helpful to make your understanding more advances or better in all sectors? If yes then how? Detail knowledge.
  • Important Postures & Gestures. With its meaning.
  • The most important Body language-Gesture with its meaning, important & knowledge to understand other easily & clearly.
  • 24 important sitting Postures with its meaning & how we co-relate that posture to their Gesture to obtain meaning & their thoughts running in their mind.
  • Top ten (10) styles/Posture of Namaskar/salutation comparing with their Gestures having 32 Gestures with understanding their clear meaning & thoughts what they think.
  • Situation contrast & Presence of mind awareness in Body language.
  • 5 Posture modes with 21 Gesture combination of Body language of charan Asprasya (Pranam-foot salutation).
  • 18 Posture of Talking Posture having different Gesture with its meanings.
  • How will you mark know any one while Sitting Dancing, Eating, walking & laughing.
  • 27 Postures with 13 Gestures of dancing postures with its clear meanings.
  • The languages of sleeping Postures: having Top 15 sleeping postures with 9 Gestures.
  • Important 10 weeping/sobbing postures and styles having clear cut meanings & problem producing.
  • 15 Important laughing postures.
  • The languages of sitting persons with 26 postures (Another special mode).
  • The 8 Important Body languages of car driver
  • The western culture salutation- hand shaking
  • 18 hands shaking styles. & most suitable & accurate hand shaking knowledge
  • The top most important 16 standing posture & Body languages
  • Mobile Phone & Psychology of Body language.
  • Smoking – 10 Body language.
  • 15 most important postures with different Gestures while sitting chair.
  • 25 walking Gestures & Postures (Body languages)
  • 15 Bike Driving Body languages.
  • Co-relation of Body languages in Day to Day life & how will you embellish yourself with perfect Body languages.